CER’s PCB assembly services extend beyond board population. Our industry partners offer PCB design services along with manufacturing services for bare boards. CER offers turnkey solutions including component sourcing and purchasing, inventory management and warehousing or, alternatively, customers can source and supply all materials and deliver them to us as needed.

CER has extensive experience working with hybrid board assemblies that include SMT, THT, and mechanically fastened components (ie: heat sinks, connectors, etc.). Any board that we assemble can be fully tested, programmed/configured, and/or conformal coated if required, and be packaged and shipped.

Through-Hole Technology

CER is able to receive materials and quickly ship fully populated boards to our customers. We have automated equipment to form the leads of any style of component while keeping labor costs and time to a minimum. All of our boards are populated on slide-lines that feed directly into our wave soldering equipment. A group of experienced operators inspect and rework all of the completed boards to assure that our customers receive a product that meets or exceeds specifications.


Surface-Mount Technology

CER operates a Surface-Mount line which includes a Pick-and-Place machine, solder paste printer and an SMT reflow oven. Our Pick-and-Place machine can handle passive components of any size using optical placement technology and active components such as BGAs and QFPs. This equipment allows CER to quickly and precisely assemble SMT PCBs.

Wiring and Cable Assembly

CER has the capability to produce wire and cable assemblies with any type of termination. We offer hand soldering of connectors and of wire or cable to PCBs. We have years of experience building precision test heads populated with pogo pins. Our equipment includes: automated wire cutting and stripping machines and pneumatic, electric and manual crimping tools. CER offers hand soldering of connectors and of wire or cable to PCBs. We have years of experience building precision test heads populated with pogo pins.


Mechanical/ Electro-Mechanical Assembly

CER can build PCBs and Mechanical/ Electro-Mechanical Sub-Assemblies and configure them into fully functional systems to provide our customers a complete system solution. We can support our customers in sourcing the necessary components for these complex builds and also provide custom cabling to complete the job requirements.

Depot Repair and Product Fulfillment

CER has set up full service repair and product fulfillment centers inside our facility to allow our customers to focus on administration and marketing at their locations. We receive damaged equipment to be repaired or scrapped and provide a refurbished or new unit to the end user per our customers’ daily pick list. Static IP networks for our customers to be able to log into their equipment at our location can be provided. Refurbishment services range from cleaning to complete rebuilds. Inventory management services can also be provided.


Prototyping and Design

CER, based on our industry experience, can provide assistance to our customers at any stage of product development from concept to prototype to end product. We can help design a manufacturing process to aid in cost reduction and efficiency. We have close working relationships with engineers in all applicable fields, including electrical, mechanical and software. We can connect our customers with the appropriate provider in areas such as PCB design.