Our History

About CER

Consolidated Electronic Resources is proud to be a local, minority-owned business with an ethnically and gender diverse workforce. We strive to recycle or donate all waste and unused material, minimizing the environmental impact of our company.

Consolidated Electronic Resources was started by Julio Cordoba in 1996 when he decided to develop his previous company, Valcor Incorporated, into a more complete resource for his customers. CER offers services at every stage of the manufacturing process from component sourcing and early prototyping through to final assembly and packaging for product fulfillment.

Julio Cordoba has over 50 years of personal experience in electronics manufacturing and repair since he began this career in the Air Force in 1966 where he received his initial training repairing navigation systems on airplanes. After leaving the service, Julio worked for computer system manufacturing companies until he decided that he wanted to start a business of his own in 1981. Since then, he has been successful in expanding the services that his company provides by incorporating modern technologies and hiring staff with the training necessary to keep up with the ever changing demands of the electronics manufacturing industry. In 2012, Julio’s son, Nicholas Cordoba, joined the business and has continued the integral process of modernization and focusing on efficiency in their manufacturing methods.